Poetry and Prose Submission Guidelines


   •We accept e-mail submissions only, either in a Word Document or pasted into
     the body of an e-mail.

   •Response time may range anywhere from 3--8 weeks or less.

   •All material found within "Off Beat Pulp" remains the exclusive property of the
     author or artist and may not be reproduced in any form without the consent
     of the author.

   •Simultaneous submissions are pretty much FROWNED UPON. It's not fair to all
     the hard working editors in the small press/lit-zine universe.



   •Two to five poems may be submitted during one period.


Short Stories:

   •Two pieces at the most and try to keep the word count under 5000. We may take
     a submission longer, though it's fighting an uphill battle.


Flash Fiction/Postcard Prose:

   •No more than three short prose pieces should be submitted at a time. Word count
     should be under 1000 words.



Send You Submissions to: